News and Updates

We want to help you be successful and make full use of the CasaManager products and services. To that end, we developed a broader platform to share tips and other useful information to our clients. Our goal is to publish once a week to this space. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you’d like to share or learn more about, please send us a note.

CasaManager Release v18.0.30

CasaManager Issues Updated 0003494: [Reports] Add totals to List: Progress Sheet Report (kevinl) 0003493: [Reports] Updated 2024 NCASA/GAL 6 Month Report (kevinl)

CasaManager Release v18.0.29

CasaManager Issues Updated 0003490: [General] When viewing documents stored in CasaManager, the document view only display characters (jeffh) 0003489: [General] Clarify a setting description in the Volunteer Portal - My Account module (jeffh) 0003488: [General]...

CasaManager Release v18.0.28

CasaManager Issues Updated 0003473: [Casework] Include Monitored Children for Family Hearings - Preference (kevinl) 0003472: [Reports] Update NCASA Annual Survey (kevinl) 0003471: [Family] Two new Family Misc. Date fields (kevinl) 0003334: [Staff] Add a Pronoun Field...

CasaManager Release v18.0.27

CasaManager Issues Updated 0003468: [General] Toolbar shows up when closing preferences (kevinl) 0003467: [General] Required to click back button twice when returning from Volunteer (kevinl) 0003466: [General] Document notifications not processing (jeffh)

CasaManager Release v18.0.26

CasaManager Issues Updated 0003465: [Casework] Custom CA Assessments - Child Developmental Age (kevinl) 0003464: [Reports] Counted in both A & B Family count is off on state reports (kevinl) 0003463: [Reports] VA Custom Report - Court Reports Submitted (kevinl)...