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We want to help you be successful and make full use of the CasaManager products and services. To that end, we developed a broader platform to share tips and other useful information to our clients. Our goal is to publish once a week to this space. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you’d like to share or learn more about, please send us a note.

CasaManager Release v18.0.17

Issue Updated 0003385: [Inservice] Inservice Certificate Not Showing Staff Name (kevinl) 0003384: [Casework] New Hearing - Judge (kevinl)

CasaManager Release v18.0.16

Issue Updated 0003382: [General] Document Notifications not including FamilyID (jeffh) 0003381: [Casework] Family Hearing for New Family Not Working (kevinl) 0003380: [Staff] Warning dialog appears even when not editing the user privileges (kevinl)...