Designed for non-profits that provide mentoring and tutoring between youth and volunteers.

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MentorManager™ is a stand-alone product designed for non-profits serving youth and can be utilized in two ways:

This product can be used to capture mentor services between the volunteer and youth, or to capture Supplemental Education Services (SES) with a focus on creating educational plans with measurable academic goals, strategies, and outcomes.

We’ve used Mentor Manager Pro here for over 3 years and we’ve only really just begun to tap into the full range of what it can do. It’s a very flexible system, and adapts well to our needs. As an education services provider, we work with almost 2,000 students in K-12 annually, through a number of locations both in and out of schools. And we’ve found Mentor Manager to be robust enough to handle a wide variety of data and assessments as well as ongoing case management across time. With MentorManager, we can effectively manage our time, resource, service and outcome tracking needs. Reporting is also very sophisticated and flexible, so we can easily pull targeted and relevant information at any time. And at the end of the day, the fact that their customer support is always timely, friendly, supportive and very professional just makes the package complete.

Alfred Vitale

Manager of Research and Evaluation, EnCompass, Rochester, NY

Software Features

  • Unlimited tracking of health information and school attendance
  • General as well as confidential notes, academic records, academic and personal goals
  • Participation of youth with their volunteer mentor or interaction with staff
  • Participation statistics
  • Address lists and labels for volunteers, youth, organizations, and staff
  • Provides student assessment forms
  • Plan management
  • Tracking of tutoring sessions
  • Standardized test results
  • School grades and more
  • Includes both a desktop interface as well as a web-based interface (requires FM Server Advanced software)
  • Agencies do not have to use CasaManager to use MentorManager
  • Reports include:
    • Youth and family information
    • Youth demographics
    • Grade progress
    • Goals progress