The only software solution built by a software developer who worked in a CASA office for 17 years – we speak CASA/GAL!

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CasaManager™ is a case management system designed specifically for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and Guardians ad litem (GAL) agencies. Our case management software has been optimized to track everything from volunteer training through supervision of CASA/GALs and child referrals through assignments. It also produces lists, labels and a wide variety of statistical reports. It has been sold to over 460 CASA/GAL agencies in 35 States since 1993. In addition to CASA/GAL agencies, it has been successfully used by battered women’s shelters and adoption agencies. It is suitable whenever you want to match the needs of one client to another client.

Find and fix gaps in your data

With 80+ tests, the Data Review Dashboard helps you find and update missing data you need for accurate reporting.

What’s in a number?

Simply click a total on selected reports to view the details. The drill down feature has been extended to:

  • NCASA Annual Survey
  • VOCA Report
  • 6-Month Report
  • Program Stats

…any many more reports!

SuperSearch™ makes finding information very easy!

The SuperSearch feature quickly searches several modules and provides a convenient list of results based on the criteria you’ve entered.

Sample Reports

Software Features

  • Web browser – no installation of FileMaker Pro and no plugins
  • Optimized for mobile access (tablets, laptops) Auto-resizes for larger screens
  • Faster performance on a secure server
  • Modern interface
  • Bundle pricing – Cloud hosting, unlimited technical support, training, and free upgrades
  • Optional local hosting for those who are not permitted to have files hosted off-site (unique only to CM)!
  • Stay informed with CM News! for helpful articles, training tips and tricks, and funding opportunities
  • Optimized workflow
  • Your data is where you are
  • One-stop shop to capture all data points on children, families, volunteers, staff, professionals, placements, education, health, plans, measures, outcomes, recruitment, and more
  • Track multiple grants and multiple programs
  • Customizable value lists and fields to match your agency’s nomenclature
  • Set required fields
  • Integrated Help Guide tracks where you are
  • Customizable user and agency level preferences
  • Data Review Dashboard to find and fix your data
  • SuperSearch!
  • Exportable data
  • Easy document storage
  • Easy field searches
  • Email directly from CasaManager
  • Build custom forms, letters, certificates, flyers, court orders, mailing labels, and more
  • CasaConnect for Volunteers—a web-based hub that allows volunteers to submit hours, notes, VOCA services, measures, and plans
  • CasaConnect for State Associations— a web-based hub that allows state directors to run and analyze reports from local programs’ data
  • And much more!
  • National CASA Annual Survey with clickable data
  • OJJDP / 6-Month report with clickable data
  • VOCA report with clickable data includes a summary of all services provided and tallies new children within any quarter or date range
  • Program Stats report with clickable data
  • Quick Counts report with clickable data
  • 19 preset and customizable date ranges for reports
  • 200 canned reports
  • Nearly limitless Mix & Match reports
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Health, education, and placement reports
  • Hours, mileage, and in-kind reports for advocates, non-advocates, and staff
  • Board member reports
  • Anniversary reports for volunteers who need the required background checks rerun every four years
  • Create eye-catching charts and graphs for some reports
  • Easy caseload reports
  • Archived reports to easily compare differences over time
  • State specific reports upon request (there are already several states’ reports in CasaManager)
  • And much more!