New Features

  • NCASA Annual Survey updated for this year. (kevinl)

Issue Updated

  • 0003287: [General] Update user preferences for New Document Email Notifier (jeffh)
  • 0003288: [General] Replace SendGrid with (jeffh)
  • 0003289: [General] Several Agency/User prefs do not include a button on the Agency side (jeffh)

CasaConnect Vol App – 1.0.42

  • 0003293: [General] Add Health Encounters to Health section in the Volunteer Portal (jeffh)
  • 0003294: [General] ADD Plan of Care button not working (jeffh)
  • 0003292: [Reports] Add Independent Study Report to Volunteer Portal (jeffh)
  • 0003291: [Reports] Add In-Service Training Report to Volunteer Portal (jeffh)
  • 0003281: [Reports] Email to Supervisor when a Document is uploaded (jeffh)